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Program Development

At CEDAC we have developed five interconnected programs. These function to construct an integrated society, giving hope, while striving to remove arms from the community. The programs work by removing arms from the community through voluntary handbacks to state-sponsored arms treaties. While other stages build capacity within the community through peer-to-peer psychosocial work, economic integration, health initiatives, and advocating for the rights of those affected by conflict. The programs together build society-wide change driven by initiatives based on trust.

The Five Fundamental Programs:

  1. Armed Violence Reduction 

  2. Psychosocial Support

  3. Economic Reintegration projects

  4. Advocacy for Rights of Those Affected by Conflict

  5. Programs Promoting Health

Where We Work

The Places Where We Work

We are currently operating in both Burundi and Australia. However, we aim to work in the Democratic Republic of Congo, while opening officers in Europe and America. We hope that this will provide us with the ability to expand our work to the wider central African region.

Check out Eric’s recent trip to Burundi and the DRC here and catch up with the news!

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Democratic Republic of Congo 

Nakivale Refugee Settlement, Uganda

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