Eric Niragira

Hi, I am Eric

A Burundian citizen and Australian resident. He founded CEDAC in 2005, with a vision of building a peaceful and sustainably developed world. To Achieve this CEDAC has received support from different UN Agencies and international organizations.

Eric has also been very active in reducing the impact of armed violence globally. Wining the Niarchos Prize 2010, which honors individuals who promote resilience in conflict-affected areas. Eric was involved in several projects to promote the rights of victims of conflict. In 2012 he was awarded a J. Luce Foundation Honorable Mention. 2013, Eric was selected by Action on Armed Violence (AOAV) as been among the 100 most influential people in the world against armed violence. Eric was also selected by Control Arms Coalition in 2014, among 50 globally, for his work towards achieving the UN Armed Trade Treaty.

In addition to his work in Africa, Eric serves as a Global Adviser to the International University Center Haiti.

For Eric’s book click here with proceeds going to CEDAC.

Eric Niragira, Founder and President of CEDAC.