About Us

CEDAC:  An Organisation Fostering Peace and Development.

Historical Developments of CEDAC

After almost 15 years working in the area of disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration of combatants through CEDAC Burundi, an organisation that I created in 2005, which has helped those affected by the prolonged civil war. I have decided to extend our reach and network by establishing an office here in Australia. This office will work to promote assistance for victims of conflicts with a focus on women and young people. Since establishing CEDAC in 2005, we have assisted many thousands of people in Burundi to receive help and recover from life crises because of our work. The work of CEDAC Burundi has helped to remove many thousands of illegal firearms by acting as a non-partisan collection point and advocating for a society-wide disarmament. This of course is part of our vision.

International Arms Treaties and Beyond

As one of the key campaigners on the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty, I am proud to inform you that the Treaty is now active. The treaty is now serving to prevent the loss of innocent lives around the world, while promoting peace and stability in some of the most troubled regions globally. It was these successful moments which occurred while I was in Burundi that allowed CEDAC to grow. I have since decided to extend my vision by working with the victims of conflicts in the central African region. Above all, I believe that everyone, once they get motivation and support, can strive for positive change in the world.

Why CEDAC Australia?

After moving to Adelaide, South Australia in 2018 to live more closely with my family. It became my goal to establish an international branch of CEDAC here in Australia with two objectives. The first priority is to help my local Burundian diaspora community and secondly, to advocate for assistance programs in Africa. CEDAC is achieving this goal with assistance from my friends and the team at CEDAC Australia, who are committed to support victims of conflict worldwide. Thanks to them, we created CEDAC Australia or formally the Centre for Development and Assistance in Conflicts in April 2018.

CEDAC Australia is an Australian organisation working to promote victim assistance and working to make the world a better place. Are you wishing to help victims of conflicts in Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, elsewhere within the region or within the African diaspora communities here in Australia? Why not come and join us because together we can make a difference.

To learn more about Eric, click here for his book. Proceeds from sales are going to CEDAC Australia.

The Organisation

CEDAC is a not-for-profit, nonpartisan and secular nongovernmental organisation which formed at the end of ethnic fighting in Burundi (2005). This means that CEDAC is steeped in a history of conflict resolution and peace-building in the central African region. Click here to learn more.

The Staff

CEDAC could not function without the tireless work of out staff from all over the world. Click on their picture to learn more of their stories.