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Children social distancing
Children social distancing

CEDAC Australia have partnered with the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to support their noble work. Life is hard for everybody right now. We are all in various states of lockdown but imagine it in one of the poorest nations on earth with the danger of renewed violent conflict.

NASW are working in Uvira, located in the South Kivu region of the DRC, which has recently sustained heavy rains. Flooding has killed 53 people and has destroyed thousands of homes and property, leaving 70,000 people with nothing.

As you can imagine, in a nation where people must go without the basics and medical equipment is

How do we help?

scarce. This devastating flooding makes social distancing and isolation impossible. People have had to take shelter in overcrowded emergency accommodation in makeshift camps, schools and churches. They desperately need access to the very basics including food, clean water, clothes and medicine in order to survive.

We need your donation to help these people now! Your generosity is tax deductible in Australia and your donation will ensure that these basics get to those in need. So please hit donate and donate by credit card or PayPal through the portal. Thank you!     

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